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Khansari Law Corp., APC is centrally located in West Los Angeles and provides legal services to clients throughout all of Southern California. Khansari Law Corp., APC (“KLC”) attorneys practice law at the highest level in the areas of Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, Personal Injury, Proposition 65, and Real Estate Law.

Attorney/Founder Andre A. Khansari represents entities and individuals in all facets of commercial and residential real estate transactions and litigation. KLC represents landlords and tenants, purchasers and sellers, commercial and residential real estate developers, joint venture partners, and limited partners. Mr. Khansari has substantial experience and a proven track record of success in representing both commercial and residential landlords as well as tenants with regard to unlawful detainers, evictions and foreclosures. Having practiced real estate law at one of the largest and highly regarded real estate law firms in California, Mr. Khansari brings with him a wealth of real estate knowledge and experience to KLC and KLC’s bankruptcy and insolvency practice, especially distressed real estate financing and transactions.

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At KLC also represent business and individual debtors, debtors in possession, creditors, trustees, receivers, specializing in all areas of insolvency, bankruptcy (including Chapter 7, 11 and 13), creditors’ rights, out of court workouts and collection actions. Mr. Khansari clerked for the Honorable Vincent P. Zurzolo, chief bankruptcy judge in the Central District of California, and has practiced bankruptcy with several preeminent international law firms. During his employment, he represented large cap companies, including banks, high net worth individuals, including celebrities in financial distress, and Ch. 7 panel trustees in the Central District of California.

Beyond real estate and bankruptcy, KLC also handles personal injury matters with substantial experience in representing victims of automobile collisions in maximizing the collection of damages, including loss of use, bodily injury damages (serious and soft tissue), lost wages and general damages for pain and suffering. Prior to becoming an attorney, among other professions, Mr. Khansari was a licensed property and casualty insurance agent for one of the largest auto insurance companies in the nation.

Bankruptcy Law Bankruptcy Law - Khansari Law Corporation

The stress of financial burden seeps its way into our everyday life activities, impeding our work, putting strain on our relationships, and disturbing the tranquility of our home. There are a few ways to tell if it is the right time to file for bankruptcy. Some indicators are: If you find yourself using your credit card to buy the bare essentials such as food and water, if you are using one credit card to make payments on another card just to get those creditors to stop bothering you, if you find the stress of financial burden keeping you awake at night, or otherwise disrupting your life.

Filing for bankruptcy is not a straightforward answer; there are benefits and consequences. Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys at Khansari Law Corp., APC can help you weigh out all these factors. Do not start filing for bankruptcy without speaking to an experienced professional first; your decision will not just affect you, but also your loved ones. Our Los Angeles attorneys have countless successful bankruptcy cases under their belts. If you are looking for a professional, look no more.

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The Los Angeles Business Attorneys at Khansari Law Corp., APC are able to help you with all kinds of loan transactions. We can help you document and close a loan transaction, as well as assist a lender with a problematic/defaulting loan. Our attorneys are multifaceted in what experience they bring to the table, as well as what problems we can assist you with. Because of our extensive knowledge, we can see your loan through from the beginning to end. This includes but is not limited to: loan documenting, borrower due diligence, collateral due diligence, and managing security interests.

When you seek services from Khansari Law Corp., APC, you get the best of both worlds; attorneys experienced on both sides; we represent borrowers and lenders, landlords and tenants. You can rely on our real estate attorneys to give you extensive information and guidance on both sides of issues. We acknowledge that borrowers can’t always make full repayments on time, and offer advice to remedy this. We give advice to lenders to encourage reasonable loans that promote the best outcome for both parties.

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Personal Injury Personal Injury - Khansari Law Corporation

Los Angeles attorneys from Khansari Law Corp., APC handle personal injury of all types. If you have been harmed due to someone else’s negligence, we can help!

Accidents happen; this is part of life. While no one can decrease the odds of an accident happening. The trusted Personal Injury attorneys in Los Angeles, California at Khansari Law Corp., APC are able to get your life back on track as soon as possible. We will get you compensation for every hardship you endure that is related to your accident. We have experience finding our clients the correct medical staff for their needs, helping them pay bills related to the accident, and holding the guilty party financially accountable for all hardships on you, including all future hardships that may come your way, such as loss of enjoyment of life.

Real Estate Law Real Estate Law - Khansari Law Corporation

Los Angeles Real Estate lawyers at Khansari Law Corp., APC have years of experience working in real estate. Our attorneys have represented buyers and sellers in the acquisition and disposition of office buildings, raw land, retail centers, hotels…in short, every kind of real estate asset. Attorneys at Khansari Law Corp., APC are not only experienced in the acquisition and disposition of a wide variety of real estate assets, but they can help you with managing these assets. We can help you with document drafting and negotiation (negotiating and composing the broker’s listing agreements, letters of intent, option agreements etc.), financing (representing lenders and borrowers in real estate loan origination), leasing and many more fields!

KLC is dedicated to achieving the best possible results, with integrity, experience, and efficiency. KLC’s founding member, Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney Andre A. Khansari, is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Law and has practiced with several premier international law firms. With KLC, you retain big law firm counsel at small law firm fees. Please contact Khansari Law Corp., APC to set up a consultation. You may contact Attorney Andre A. Khansari directly at 818.650.6444 to immediately discuss your particular legal matters/questions.

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