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Chapter 7 of Title 11 of the United States Code governs the process of liquidation under the bankruptcy laws of the United States and is available for businesses or individuals. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Entitled Liquidation) is the most common form of bankruptcy and offers businesses and personal debtors an orderly, court supervised procedure whereby a trustee sells non-exempt assets to satisfy a bankruptcy petitioner’s preexisting debt. Once a petitioner’s assets are sold, proceeds from the sale of the assets are in turn paid out to creditors. Also referred to as a "liquidation" or "debt wipe-out," Chapter 7 cases are typically resolved 4 months after the filing date. You will receive a “Bankruptcy Discharge” and your obligation to the discharged debts will be over.

Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy a Good Option? Protect your Assets in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 filing can be a great option for business or individuals seeking a completely “fresh start.” Business may dissolve in a disorderly manner with finality and absolution of duties by current management to eliminate credit card debt, deficiencies, judgments, medical bills and other types of unsecured debt. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a good option for those businesses or individuals who are overwhelmed with mounting debt, have several creditors seeking debt settlement and who want to protect existing assets.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Solutions – Affordable Fees

Unlike other law firms who focus only on Chapter 7 Bankruptcies and steer clear from the alternatives to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the attorneys at Khansari Law practice under all chapters of the Bankruptcy Code and have specialized training in resolving debt issues with bankruptcy. Thus, the attorneys at Khansari Law have a wider vision when it comes to advising clients about whether to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or file bankruptcy under another chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy is a complex legal procedure. At Khansari Law, our attorneys and staff have years of experience in working with every aspect of bankruptcy law.

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