Assault and Battery

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What Does the Law Recognize as an Assault or Battery?

Assault and/or Battery are two different and distinct legal offenses. On one hand an assault is the intentional act that creates an apprehension in another, of an imminent, harmful or offensive contact. Legally, one has assaulted another if he has threatened harm that is accompanied by an apparent and present ability to carry out that threat and/or harm. Battery on the other hand is an intentional harmful or offensive touching of another without consent or privilege.

The critical distinction between the two offenses is the existence of contact. While contact is essential for a battery to occur, assault only requires the apparent ability to make that offensive contact with another. Moreover, in assault cases, the claimant must have been aware of the imminent threat or harm that was likely to occur.

Can I sue my Assailant in Civil Court to Obtain Compensation for my Assault and/or Battery Injuries?

The largest misconception about Assault and/or Battery claims is most victims believe that a criminal prosecution for an Assault and/or Battery is the only method of recourse for the crime. An Assault and/or Battery victim may also recover in civil court for their injuries that they sustained as a result of their assailants actions. Since a criminal prosecution is a lawsuit brought by the state, more often than not, victims of Assault and/or Battery incidents neglect to recover damages for injuries in a civil lawsuit.

Khansari Law has the Experience and Knowledge to Recover in Civil Court for Assault and/or Battery Claims

Whether you are a victim of an Assault and/or Battery or an individual seeking to defend against an Assault and/or Battery lawsuit, the attorneys and legal staff at Khansari Law can help.

Many Assault and/or Battery victims or persons seeking to defend an Assault and/or Battery lawsuit have rightly relied on the attorneys and legal staff at Khansari Law. For years, we have successfully represented the victims of Assault and/or Battery claims in Personal Injury Law matters. Even if the accused is not convicted in criminal court, a settlement and/or favorable verdict can be achieved in civil court. Even if the accused is not convicted of a crime, a victim can recover for their injuries outside the realm of a criminal prosecution.

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