Acquisitions and Dispositions

Southern California Real Estate Transactional Lawyer

Khansari Law has been involved in large and complex real estate sales and acquisitions. Our attorneys have represented buyers and sellers in the acquisition and disposition of real estate including office buildings, raw land, retail centers, hotels, industrial properties, residential properties, manufactured housing communities, commercial, master-planned residential, multifamily, mixed-use and health-care facilities. In brief, our practice includes the acquisition and disposition of every conceivable type of real estate asset. The following is a list of services that we provide our clients:

  • Document Drafting and Negotiation: We negotiate and compose broker’s listing agreements, letters of intent, option agreements, purchase and sale agreements and other documents required in connection and associated with the closing of a real estate transaction. We also negotiate content and form of Land Surveys, Title Surveys and other Insurance Policies.
  • Management and Choice of Professional Consultants and Service Providers: Our firm helps clients manage brokers, title companies, surveyors, due diligence consultants and other individuals in connection with the purchase and sale of real property. We also review due diligence documents and address individual/corporate concerns.
  • Financing: We represent lenders and borrowers in real estate loan origination, loan sales and purchases, workouts, foreclosures, and other debt arrangements.
  • Leasing: Our firm handles existing lease and contract related issues. From both a landlord and tenant perspective, we review, analyze and evaluate the requirements of each transaction. Our leasing and development practice consists of invaluable experience with a variety of commercial and residential properties. Our services extend to office buildings, regional malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, community neighborhoods, industrial sites, and mixed-use projects.
  • Joint Ventures: Our attorneys and legal staff have composed, drafted and negotiated highly sophisticated joint venture agreements for various individuals, parties and groups in the real estate community. Whether these agreements have come in the form of partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations or shareholder agreements we have been able to successfully draft the intent and objectives of our clients. We have been able to structure deals to accomplish the precise objective of our clients, all while minimizing future legal concerns. We have participated in a broad range of transactions with investors, lenders, issuers, mortgage bankers, investment bankers, and other parties. We are able to find a precise balance between federal and state law, all while meeting the business and entrepreneurial goals of our clients.
  • Easements and other Covenants Running with the Land: Disputes relating to easements, covenants, boundary lines or prescriptive rights can pit neighbor against neighbor or can be major setbacks for a developer seeking to use his newly purchased or prospective property in a certain way. Our firm understands the affect that a valid easement or covenant may have on a particular parcel of land when it comes to property value. Whether you are the owner of an easement or a covenant or whether your property is negatively affected by an easement or covenant, we can ensure that your rights are protected.
  • Workouts: Our attorneys and legal staff are extensively knowledgeable in debtor’s/creditor’s rights and remedies and are skilled in negotiation and pre-litigation counseling. We have successfully participated in a vast array of both in- and out-of-court workouts in a variety of industries which include commercial and residential real estate. Our value lies in the fact that we are able to analyze and evaluate the best strategic moves for our clients and enable them to make informed business decisions, all while positioning our clients to maintain future flexibility, should the workout fail.

It is important to have an attorney who is experienced in the intricacies of Real Estate Transaction Law and who cares about your situation. At Khansari Law, our staff is committed to doing just that.

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